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Department of Defense (DoD) activities account for thousands of labor hours each year, supporting Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution. In response to this, BMT has designed PPBEWeb™.

Although most activities already use electronic tools, such as databases and spreadsheets, segregated “paper” processes essentially drive PPBE. PPBEWeb™ is a cost effective solution that improves efficiency and accountability

PPBEWeb Architecture

PPBEWeb™ is a proven solution based on the EPRWeb system developed by BMT Designers & Planners. PPBEWeb™ is an open architected system built on a .NET platform and is fully compliant with all DoD Information technology and security requirements.

PPBEWeb™ enables the following:

  • Standard integrated electronic processes, tools and data 
  • Significant reductions in man-hours and cost to support PPBE processes
  • Near real-time, world-wide, visibility of PPBE data in electronic format
  • Connectivity and functional interactivity with existing PPBE systems (linked
    to STARS, working on PBIS) 
  • Open architecture to support future requirements and enabling technologies
  • Data integrity preserved regardless of future direction
  • PPBEWeb™ provides robust user-friendly functionality that supports all PPBE