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Unmanned Vehicle Launch and Recovery

BMT works with a diverse range of clients on the integration of un-manned air, surface, and sub-surface vehicles with parent vessels.

BMT's experience and access to leading research in launch and recovery (L/R), both in the United States and abroad, enables us to provide a full spectrum of engineering solutions for the challenges encountered in integrating un-mannedd vehicles into the fleet.

Some of the services we provide include:

Technical Feasibility Evaluation

BMT provides engineering assessments for a planned installation. We assess arrangement of control consoles; operation of command and control; integration of vehicle with flight deck, well deck, and other systems design; integration and compatibility of communication equipment between un-manned vehicles and parent vessels; and requirements necessary for collision avoidance.

Engineering Support

BMT provides engineering services at each stage of the design process by performing early concept studies and preparing detailed technical data packages ready to support production and integration activities. Our intelligent systems enable the solutions we generate for our customers to work in harmony with other mission critical systems and equipment.

Maintenance and Reliability

Our engineers and maintenance analysts are experts in the development, validation, training, and troubleshooting of davits and L/R equipment. Support includes: safety assessments, business case analysis, controls design and evaluation, and developed for RCM products needed to ensure trouble free operation of L/R systems.

Physics Based Man-in-the-Loop Simulation

The BMT Modeling and Simulation Laboratory supports U.S. Navy and Coast Guard projects in evaluating L/R systems under various sea conditions. After a system has been selected for production, our physics based, man-in-the-loop simulation tools provide an effective pre-deployment training aid for the ship’s crew.


As the complexity of L/R systems increase and the battle force becomes more dependent on the operation of ship deployed unmanned systems, sailors require specific course material, training aids, and training to effectively operate and maintain these systems. BMT has the capability to provide operator training in the virtual environment and maintenance training on client systems and equipment.

Human Factors Engineering

A key aspect of successful un-manned vehicle L/R system design is the understanding of the implications of human performance and safety considerations associated with operations and maintenance on the design of the human-machine interface. Identifying and mitigating human error, ergonomic, and injury risks significantly improves operational effectiveness, suitability, and safety. Our human factors engineers are experts at performing human performance analyses of L/R operations and systems to identify design, manpower, personnel, training, and safety issues as well as develop enhancement solutions.

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Launch and Recovery

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