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Information Assurance

BMT has a wealth of experience hardening networks, performing validations, and completing full accreditation packages.

Encompassing a broad spectrum of defense measures, from integrating technical Information Assurance (IA) controls to implementing physical security, our expert IA analysts are ready to assist with any security needs

Our staff has years of experience and can guide Program Managers through the accreditation processes necessary to receive full Authority to Operate. All IA analysts are Department of Defense (DoD) Instruction 8570 approved and maintain proper certifications for the duties they support, including Fully Qualified Navy Validator (FQNV).

Our services include:

Harden Systems and Networks

We can provide onsite expertise or technical advice to facilitate a complete security lock down of your system.


We can provide a team onsite to conduct annual DoD required certification of all systems and networks, including inspect the physical security of the building, examine documentation and processes in accordance with DoD 8500 controls, perform vulnerability scans of the system, and complete all applicable Defense Information Systems Agency Security Technical Implementation Guides.

Complete DIACAP Documentation

BMT writes or reviews DIACAP documentation, including a Certification and Accreditation Plan, Scorecard, Plan of Action and Milestones, Implementation Plan, Systems Integration Plan, and Supplemental Documentation to ensure it is written in accordance with accreditation standards.  We also assist with the submission procedure to the accreditation office and oversee the process until accreditation is achieved.

Technical Guidance

Provide IA expertise during system design to mitigate existing problems or incorporate IA into the development and life cycle stages of system engineering as required by DISA.

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Information Assurance

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