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Evaluation and Performance Improvement

BMT assists government customers in troubleshooting and improving programs and organizations, and making smart decisions about investments.

BMT has demonstrated the effectiveness of our disciplined approach to make complex trade-offs of technical, regulatory, cost, schedule, and benefit factors, through favorable evaluations by inspectors general and the GAO. By distilling these issues with defendable processes and analyses, we provide our customers the ability to focus on critical success factors and implement solutions that best fit their needs.

Our services include:

Technology and Research and Development (R&D)

  • Performing technology and manufacturing readiness assessments
  • Developing R&D program roadmaps and risk-reduction plans
  • Providing R&D stage-gate review plans and review support
  • Providing budgeting, performance management support, market analysis and scenario planning, including long-range industrial forecasting

Investments, Projects and Programs

  • Estimation of complex system life-cycle cost
  • Analysis of benefit & cost effectiveness, operational effectiveness and capability, business case and COEA, real options, alternatives, and regulatory impact
  • Diagnosing and correcting weaknesses in earned value and schedule management systems that distort performance measurement
  • Developing early warning performance measurement systems to enhance the effectiveness of earned value management systems
  • Performing independent risk audits and uncertainty and data quality assessments
  • Providing expert damages analysis in major systems development and acquisition contract disputes and litigation


  • Performing capability and maturity model assessments and audits of government and commercial organizations responsible for developing and producing complex products and services
  • Conducting government program performance audits and budgeting and benchmarking assessments
  • Performing human resource management evaluations
  • Providing performance improvement roadmaps and implementation assistance