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Awareness Programs

Specifically designed with your program goal in mind, BMT specializes in creating tailored awareness campaigns to reflect management commitment, increase employee involvement and knowledge, and changes in personnel behavior.

BMT can support you with:

Program Outreach

Development and execution of goal oriented awareness campaigns using a variety of strategies including newsletters, public service announcements, awareness items containing strategic slogans and themes, success stories, videos, posters, organization calendars, or brochures.

Technical and Administrative Support

Preparation of briefs and responses to technical questions, conduct research, and provide meeting, support, and facilitation.


BMT can provide specialized training aids and resources, including on-site training, development and production of interactive courseware, and the customization and delivery of training seminars and courses.

Ceremonies and Meetings

We organize and support program award ceremonies to honor individuals and teams that have helped the program meet its goals, and provide support to high-level energy planning meetings of program stakeholders.

Award Submittals

BMT can assist the customer in preparation of award submittals for local, national and international award programs to help publicize the accomplishments of the program.