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System Safety

BMT offers increased efficiency of operations without additional resources, reduce operational risk, improving employee or crew morale and awareness, reducing the risk of regulatory non-compliance, and prevent accidents, mishaps, and downtime.

BMT offers the following system safety services:

System Safety Planning, Documentation & Staffing

Develop planned approach for safety task accomplishment and provide qualified system safety experts to accomplish identified tasks.

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Develop, implement, maintain, and/or independently audit your SMS, including the data management solution consistent to the ANSI/AIHA Z10 consensus standard and/or ISM Code, and certifiable to OHSAS 180001.

Hazard Analysis

Identify hazards through a systematic process using accepted system safety analytical techniques such as Fault Tree Analysis, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, and Root Cause Analysis.

Risk Assessment

Establish severity and probability criteria and qualitatively and quantitatively assess mishap risk associated with each identified hazard.

Mishap Risk Mitigation Measures

Identify potential mishap risk mitigation alternatives and the expected
effectiveness of each alternative or method.

Test for Safe Design

Develop tests and demonstrations, such as system usability testing, to validate selected safety features of the system.

System Safety Practices, Policies, Standards, Procedures and Implementation Tools

Incorporate system safety risk management principles in requirements and policies, create implementation procedures, develop system safety software applications, and develop technical standards and guidelines.