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Port Engineer / Marine Maintenance Training

Drawing on years of experience, BMT Designers & Planners has developed a robust waterfront-centric training program that prepares vessel owners, shipboard engineers, and shoreside personnel for management of maintenance and repair activities.

Port Engineer/Marine Maintenance Training

BMT's Port Engineer/Marine Maintenance Training Program will provide personnel with the skills and knowledge to meet the challenging requirements of today’s ship repair availabilities. The program is structured as follows.


Module 1

Performance of Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical Assessments
Pre-Availability Planning
Contractor Selection
Fundamentals of Project Management
Engineering Administration
Welding & Non-Destructive Inspection


Module 2

Docking Fundamentals
Docking Inspection & Certification
Docking Calculations andStability Fundamentals
Docking Safety & Severe Weather
Propulsion Shaft Alignment


Module 3

Paint/Corrosion Terminology
Corrosion Fundamentals
Types of Corrosion and Control
Coating Systems
Coatings Application/Inspection
Tools/Test equipment


Course Options and Design

If you have Port Engineers on your team, be it for an active commercial or military fleet, our team can also provide tailored, on-location training. We have experience with many different types of ships, docks, ship lifts, industrial facilities, and ongoing ship repair. Our curriculum can be tailored to the needs and process of the organizations we serve. We update the course material regularly to reflect changes in technology and best practice in response to feedback from the field.


Recommended Attendees

Port Engineers | Maintenance Managers

Program/Project Managers | Marine Surveyors

Ship Supervisors | Maintenance Support Personnel


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Port Engineering Training Course

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