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Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Our architects and engineers are well-versed in all aspects of vessel design, systems integration, structural analysis, construction, and operational support.

In the highly integrated and complex field of modern ship design, especially when the project involves sophisticated marine electronic sensors and equipment, energy-efficient power generation and distribution, high sea state boat launch and recovery, manned and unmanned aviation systems integration, and optimum human systems integration, our initial design insights and engineering evolution management support customer needs throughout the product life cycle — from emergence of new requirements through the final installation, sustainment, and disposal.

We are familiar with the full range of commercial and military standards, including SOLAS, IMO regulations, multiple classification society rules, ABYC rules, and U.S. Navy design methods as well as applicable USCG regulations.

Some of our particular areas of expertise include:

Boat Launch and Recovery

Design and integration of stern ramp systems, side launch single and dual point davit systems, modular system change outs and back-fits.

Modeling and Simulation

Evaluation of launch and recovery systems under various sea conditions and development of pre-deployment training aids for the ship's crew with our physics based, man-in-the-loop simulation tools.

Marine Electrical Engineering

Design, integration, and testing of hybrid electric propulsion, power generation and distribution, control and monitoring, communications and other electronics systems.

Small Boat Market Knowledge

Unbiased and expert knowledge of commercially available boats and their components such as engines, waterjets, shock mitigating seats, and C4ISR systems.

Innovative Thinking

Design and integration solutions for demanding mission requirements, novel hull forms, diverse manned and unmanned vehicle systems and emerging launch and recovery concepts.

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Naval Ship Design and Engineering

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