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Environmental Ship Systems

Whatever phase of a ships life cycle, from design to disposal, BMT provides consulting services to assist your organization.

Our services include the following:

Pollution Prevention (P2) Support

  • Develop guidance material for selection of P2 equipment
  • Create P2 Fact Sheets for promising technologies
  • Analyze P2 opportunities for shipboard waste streams

Hazardous Material Control and Management (HMC&M)

  • Provide hazardous material and database analysis expertise during
    implementation and maintenance of HMC&M products
  • Develop and maintain submarine HMC&M software tools

Environmental Waste Stream Modeling

  • Perform Waste Disposal Cost Modeling which provides key output for ship
    acquisition life-cycle cost assessment and future environmental system research
    and development
  • Optimize environmental management through a Waste Flow Mass-Balance Model. 
    This tool maps material input and output flows as a function of vessel design and operating parameters

Marine Environmental Engineering – R&D

  • Develop websites that serve as a central repository of shipboard
    environmental information
  • Conduct analysis of alternatives on potential environmental shipboard system applications

Marine Environmental Engineering – Ship Acquisition Support

  • Assist in the integration of environmental considerations in ship designs
  • Ensure client compliance with environmental regulations worldwide
  • Evaluate and recommend design and operating solutions in the areas of solid waste management, air emissions control, ballast water treatment, hazardous material management, and treatment and management of all liquid wastes

Oil and HM Spill Response

  • Provide assistance in key areas of the Oil Spill Prevention Initiatives
    program, primarily oil spill reporting, oil spill analysis, and program reviews
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Naval Ship Design and Engineering

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