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Site Assessment and Characterization

Our scientists and engineers are experienced in all aspects of site assessment under CERCLA, RCRA, state Voluntary Cleanup Programs, and ASTM and EPA guidelines. Geoprobe Services available to perform soil and groundwater sampling in DC, MD, and VA

Our projects emphasize applying planning and safety principles, and a cost-effective approach to identifying and evaluating site conditions, allowing informed decision-making on remedial approaches

BMT offers Geoprobe Services to perform soil and groundwater sampling in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Our services include:

Site Assessments

  • Work with customers and regulators to gain a thorough understanding of project needs and requirements
  • Develop Work Plans that address those requirements, while integrating
    quality and safety
  • Collect and analyze samples as necessary to determine the extent of
    contamination, identify potential exposure pathways, and evaluate risks and remedial alternatives.
  • Develop Conceptual Site Models (CSM) to facilitate an understanding of site
    dynamics, and contaminant fate and transport mechanisms
  • Quantify and manage risks including property-specific human health and
    ecological risks

Innovative Field Methods

Apply innovative approaches in response to site-specific problems, including:

  • Use low-flow methods and passive diffusion samplers for collecting samples
    for volatiles in groundwater
  • Use direct-push technology (DPT) and methods for collecting soil and
    groundwater samples, installing temporary wells, and evaluating subsurface
  • Immunoassay field test kits for real-time analytical results in the field
    (PCBs, pesticides, explosives)
  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF) for real-time metals analysis in the field
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Environmental Site Assessment

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